lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Hii how was your Monday? i really hate mondays... they're kind of sad!
i dont have really good pictures about the beach and saturday night... first at all because here i dont have a good camera yet, im super looking forward to buy a new one! at second, because we were watching movies all night, so i didnt think a lot about take pictures haha. Btw, did you guys whatch "P.s i love you"? i still crying every single time that i watch that film! and then we watch "Sex and the City" im in love with Shara jessica parker's outfits...
Im so sorry because i didnt answer what you asked me in the last few days but now all the questions have been answered

Check this FUCKING AMAZING shorts, you can find them in Wildfox

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  1. Yo tambien odio los lunees! jaja me gusta mucho tu bloog:) te sigo!

  2. P.S. I love you is way too sad for me to watch again.


  3. Mondays, yes, they kind of suck :) I'm always soooo freakin' tired then!

    Great picks of photos, I love them! Love the shorts ♥

    XO, Imke

  4. Que cierto! El lunes es el PEOR dia de la semana!
    A nosotras tambien nos encanta tu blog! Te seguimoos!
    Saludos y pasate cuando puedaas:

  5. me encantan los blogs de fotos son geniales en mi opion jajaja, las fotos estas son uann pasada me gustan las de la playa el conjunto rojo los ultimos pantalones el bolso TODO un besazo

  6. beautiful beautiful photos :) x

  7. Bonitas fotos! Y los pantalones del final son impresionantes *_*

  8. Que fotos más bonitas! pásate y síguenos si te gusta, te seguimos. Si tienes twitter te dejo el mio, @anacrcr, un besito. Te esperamos


  9. Nice pics!